What’s the future hold for Social Security field offices?

Will you be able to go to a Social Security office 10 years from now for help claiming your benefits?

Probably — but a new report from the Social Security Administration (SSA) outlining its vision for future service delivery has some critics worried about the future of the agency’s face-to-face customer services.

A report issued last month by the Social Security Administration, called Vision 2025, lays out the agency’s plan for service delivery in the year 2025. It’s a comprehensive document that describes the shifting demographics of the Social Security Administration’s customer base and the need for change in the agency’s business processes and workforce. Not surprisingly, the report calls for a continuing shift to service delivery over the Internet and mobile platforms.

But the report has been drawing fire as too technologically-centric, and a not-so-subtle signal that in-person Social Security customer service will be greatly diminished in the future. In particular, the union that represents the Social Security Administration’s field office workers thinks Vision 2025 sends a clear signal that the agency sees its future mainly online.

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  1. the toy cannon says:

    It makes sense. Most future retirees will be computer savy enough to be able to handle issues on-line and not have to drive somewhere and wait in line. The feds just need to design the SS website for easy and secure navigation and avoid the mistakes made by the Obamacare site. An on-line chat feature would be great and some of the employees could be trained for that. I use that often with various companies when I’m stuck on their site or have a question. Service is generally very quick and helpful.

  2. It is definitely good news if the Social Security Administration’s field office workers can deal with their issues and ask for assistance online. It would save them time and save them from the trouble of travelling to the respective offices and wait long hours in queue lines. Most if not all of us are already technology savvy now. I’m pretty sure all would be able to find their way around the World Wide Web by then.

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