The shape of 401(k) plans to come – and why they’re changing

What will your 401(k) look like in five years? Not the account balance – that will be determined mainly by the size of your contributions and market performance – but the plan itself. There’s a good chance your employer will make some important changes over the next few years, as the industry ushers in changes aimed at getting you to save more – and do more planning for retirement.

That’s the key finding of a survey released last week reflecting the views of 55 401(k) experts who were asked to predict the ways workplace plans will evolve over the next five years. The study, sponsored by plan provider Transamerica Retirement Solutions, queried industry insiders at organizations ranging from research, consulting and trade organizations to universities and financial services companies.

The biggest change will be a new emphasis on retirement readiness, rather than simply getting workers to join a plan and contribute. The idea is to focus on actual retirement outcomes, and it reflects apprehension about the large number of Americans who are approaching retirement unprepared. If that’s something you’re worried about, it turns out your boss shares your concern.

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