Retirees driving for Uber? Older Americans gearing up for the shared economy

Five dollars may not sound like much pay for doing a job, but don’t tell that to Brooke Folk. At age 67, Folk spends up to 30 hours a week on projects generated through, a shared-economy website that requires all its vendors to offer something to customers for just $5 and takes a 20 […]

Need to Work in Retirement? Think Small

More retirees than ever intend to keep working past traditional retirement age. But age discrimination and job burnout pose major challenges to staying in the corporate workforce. Entrepreneurship can be a viable alternative work route for retirees–and it’s getting more commonplace. Entrepreneurs age 55-65 accounted for 26% of all startups last year, up from 15% […]

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The Boomer entrepreneurship trend: Slowing or just getting started?

Nancy Kessler spent much of her career as a museum curator, but she also has had a lifelong love of working with older people that dates to her childhood. At very young age, she would visit a 90-year-old neighbor who would tell her stories about her life. Kessler’s interest in oral history and folklore grew, and […]

Funding a business with a 401(k)

The stock market scares Jan Morris. So last year she and her husband Chuck took most of the money in their retirement accounts and invested it in something most financial advisors would regard as even more risky than stocks: a small business start-up, specifically, one making high-quality artisanal gin and whiskey from a renovated distillery […]

How a side gig can boost retirement security

Kim Palmer has a full-time job, but decided to start something on the side in 2009. “It was the height of the recession, and I was terrified that I’d get laid off – it seemed like it was happening all around me. I felt financial pressure to have a back-up plan.” A personal finance editor […]

Register now for the Boomer Business Summit

If you’re an entrepreneur targeting the baby boomer market, join me at this year’s What’s Next Boomer Business Summit, to be held in San Diego on March 13th as part of the broader Aging in America conference. The summit is organized and led annually by Mary Furlong and Associates, the San Francisco-based strategy, business development, marketing […]

Silicon Valley techies who take the 50+ market seriously

Kai Stinchcombe isn’t your typical Millennial in Silicon Valley. At age 30, he has launched a company that targets a consumer group that doesn’t interest most tech companies in the neighborhood: the elderly. Stinchcombe’s company, True Link, is posed to roll out a debit card tied to software that can guard unsuspecting seniors against financial […]

Want to age at home? Technology to the rescue

Getting old? There’s an app for that. And a smartphone interface. And a tablet device that lets family members monitor your medication schedule, send text messages and share photos. A major new wave of technological innovation is aimed at helping people stay in their homes as they grow older and require care. These “age in place” […]

Five questions for Dick Stroud on aging market entrepreneurship

The baby boomer age wave often is characterized as a demographic and societal challenge, but it’s also a huge entrepreneurial business opportunity. The aging of the population is creating market demand for new products and services at an unprecedented pace. I spoke recently about age wave opportunities with Dick Stroud, co-author with Kim Walker of […]