This week, the newsletter features the last episode of the Retirement Rebootcast – the special podcast series on my new book – Retirement Reboot: Commonsense Financial Strategies for Getting Back on Track

Retirement Reboot is chock full of practical strategies for your retirement plan. But in the last chapter of the book, I argue that we also must pay attention to public policy on our key social insurance programs. And, I lay out my vision for expanding Social Security and pushing back against the growing privatization of Medicare – something I regard as antithetical to the very concept of social insurance.

My guests for this episode are two top experts on Social Security and Medicare who have a terrific sense of the historical trajectory of both programs. Judith Stein is the executive director and founder of the Center for Medicare Advocacy, one of the nation’s most important consumer protection and policy organizations working on Medicare. Nancy Altman is president of Social Security Works, which advocates for protection and expansion of Social Security. Nancy is one of the most knowledgeable people in the United States on Social Security. She is the author of several authoritative books on Social Security, and she serves on the Social Security Advisory Board, a nonpartisan federal agency that advises the President, Congress, and the Commissioner of Social Security.

I invited Judy and Nancy to join me for a discussion of social insurance – past, present and future. Click here to listen to the episode.