Welcome to the Retirement Rebootcast. That’s what I’m calling this special podcast series on my new book – Retirement Reboot: Commonsense Financial Strategies for Getting Back on Track. The book is out this month, so I invited some of my favorite experts on retirement to join me on the show to talk about some of its key ideas. 

On this episode of the podcast, let’s talk about investing for retirement – even if you’re getting a late start. The chapter of Retirement Reboot that addresses this topic walks through a simple approach to saving for retirement, focused on very-low-cost passive index funds. And, it illustrates that it’s possible to accumulate a meaningful nest egg even if you’re playing catch-up. That’s because the goal line is not the day you retire – your investing and returns from it continue well into retirement. My guest is Christine Benz, director of personal finance at Morningstar, one of the premier companies for analysis and research on investing.

I chatted with Christine about investing basics like the importance of diversification and balance and keeping fees low. We also get into a few of the more advanced topics, such as asset location and safe withdrawal strategies.

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