Retirement Reboot in the news

Retirement Reboot in the news

Excerpt: Financial planning for retirement: It’s more accessible, but be careful. Read an excerpt in The New York Times on the value of financial planning help.

Excerpt: How Social Security benefits are calculated, and when to claim. Morningstar published an excerpt from the chapter of Retirement Reboot that examines strategies for optimizing Social Security.

How to save – not cut – Social Security. In a new essay for Newsweek, I look at the peril facing Social Security in the looming debt ceiling fight. We need to shore up Social Security’s finances and expand benefits, not cut. This piece is adapted from the chapter of Retirement Reboot titled “Toward a New Social Insurance Era.” There’s an accompanying author Q&A.

Rebooting retirement: Mark Miller on his new book. Chris Farrell of Marketplace radio interviewed me about Retirement Reboot for this Q&A at

Rebooting retirement: Morningstar’s podcast The Long View inviting me on to talk about the book. Christine Benz and Jeff Ptak had great questions for me about working longer, Social Security, Medicare and more. This is one of the best conversations I’ve had about Retirement Reboot so far!

Make Social Security bigger, not smaller, to improve retirement outcomes. A Q&A with Kerry Hannon of Yahoo! Finance, about Retirement Reboot.

New retirement withdrawal rule is a boon for wealthy seniors. Kerry Hannon of Yahoo! Finance quotes me on the Secure 2.0 legislation.

Toward a new social insurance era. excerpted the last chapter of Retirement Reboot, which argues for expansion of Social Security, and pushing back against the tide of privatization of Medicare.

There are no miracles, quick fixes for retirement saving. Chris Farrell reviews Retirement Reboot in his Minneapolis Star-Tribune column.

Friends Talk Money. I was a guest on the terrific Friends Talk Money podcast, which is hosted by Rich Eisenberg, Terry Savage and Pam Krueger. The video is below, or listen here. Rich also interviewed me about my six core ideas for improving your retirement outcome for his MarketWatch column. 

Feeling financially insecure about retirement? Six key ideas for getting unstuck. Rich Eisenberg of MarketWatch talked with me about the six core ideas for improving retirement security that I describe in Retirement Reboot.

How to fix Social Security and Medicare. Jordan Grummet, host of the Earn & Invest podcast, interviewed me about the last chapter of the book, “Toward a New Social Insurance Era.”

Does your retirement plan need a reboot? Marc Miller, host of the Career Pivot podcast, chatted with me about the broad themes of Retirement Reboot.

Retirement crisis or not, Americans need to reboot their approach. My Reuters column discusses key findings of Retirement Reboot.

Do Americans need a retirement reboot? Dan Doonan of the National Institute on Retirement Security interviewed me for his Forbes column.

Money Life with Chuck Jaffe. I spoke with personal finance radio host and MarketWatch columnist Chuck Jaffe about Retirement Reboot. Click the player below to listen!