Like everyone else, I’ve been struggling to adjust to the new realities that are dawning in our country and our world. And like a lot of people, I’m trying to figure out how to be useful to others. Fortunately, I practice a craft dedicated to providing quality, fact-checked information – and that can be invaluable in a crisis. I’m pivoting much of my work toward coverage of COVID19 and how it impacts older Americans, and I want to be sure to answer the questions that are on your mind.

One way I’m going to be doing that is through a question hotline. Starting today, you can give me a call and leave a message with your question. I’ll try to answer your question in a future edition of my podcast and newsletter, or in an article for one of the other news outlets that I write for.

I’m not an expert on health care, so I won’t be answering questions on that. But I am well positioned to answer questions about this crisis as it relates to topics like Social Security, Medicare and other insurance questions, and personal finance issues related to retirement. I also write about topics like careers in later life and volunteering.

If you want to submit a question, call me on this number and leave a message: (847) 238-2015. That’s (847) 238-2015. Please include your name and a phone number where you can be reached if I have follow-up questions for you. If you prefer to remain anonymous, leaving your first name only is fine.

You also can use this link to submit a question through my website.

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