Premature retirement: Who faces the greatest risk?

Planning to work longer to bolster your retirement finances?

It can make a big difference, but it is tough to pull off. Half of all retirees leave the workforce earlier than planned due to a health problem or job loss.

Blue collar workers with physically demanding jobs are most susceptible to early retirement, according to conventional wisdom. New research confirms that, but it also shows at least one type of early-retirement risk is spread much more widely across job types than previously thought.

These findings serve as a reminder that while working longer is a worthy aspiration, it is not a reliable financial plan. They also underscore a fallacy in the policy debate about raising eligibility ages for Social Security and Medicare.

Learn more in my column this week at Reuters Money.


  1. I could agree to what you said that working longer is not a good, reliable, and efficient financial plan in the long run. Although many aspire to stay in the workforce a little longer than the average ones, many suffer different health conditions especially for those who are working for jobs that require physical strengths and abilities.
    Good thing that there are a lot of ways and possible careers that are less risky in terms of health.

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