Nuts and bolts of starting an encore career

Marci Alboher

Marci Alboher

Marci Alboher offers practical strategies for launching an encore career in The Encore Career Handbook (Workman Publishing). Tough economic times and intractable unemployment have made career reinvention a necessity instead of a virtue for many older Americans. But sometimes finding a new career after middle age is about more than just bringing in a paycheck.

The encore career is continuing to gain ground among millions of baby boomers. The idea is to create a new career out of a passion — and a desire to make a positive social contribution. Salaries are sometimes smaller, but there is a great sense of purpose.

Some baby boomers are encore career-seekers because they just are not ready to retire; others can’t afford to quit working, but are looking for something new that will satisfy them. How can you find the encore path that’s right for you? Where are the best job opportunities? What’s the smartest way to finance a career transition of this type?

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