Last minute Medicare enrollment resources

The deadline for Medicare open enrollment is December 7th. If you still haven’t enrolled, here are some quick resources that may help you get going.

How to shop for a prescription drug plan. The guide to Medicare Part D.

How to shop for a Medicare Advantage plan. The guide to Medicare Part C.

Key trends for prescription drug and Medicare Advantage plans. View a conversation I had earlier this fall with Christine Benz, personal finance director at Morningstar, about the key trends, including donut hole coverage and how Medicare interacts with the Affordable Care Act.

Medicare premiums and COLAs for 2014. Part B premiums will be flat next year, which means seniors will get to keep all of the 1.5 percent cost-of-living adjustment from Social Security.

Extra Help.  More than two million people on Medicare could be getting their prescription drugs nearly for free, but don’t. That’s because they have not signed up for Extra Help, an important Medicare benefit that subsidizes drug costs for low-income senior citizens.

What is you miss the deadline? It’s still possible to adjust or change your coverage in certain circumstances after the open enrollment period ends. offers these tips. Medicare Interactive offers this guidance on the Special Enrollment Periods that are available.

A list of all Medicare resources at can be found here.