This week on the podcast, we take a look at strategies for rebooting careers disrupted by the pandemic.

This is an especially critical question for older workers getting close to retirement. This economic downturn has impacted older workers disproportionately, and millions of business owners find themselves with enterprises that have unexpectedly collapsed around them due to lockdowns and social distancing requirements.

Joining me on the show this week is Mark Walton. Mark was one of the original on-air correspondents at CNN back in the days when the network was a young startup. After years working in network television covering politics and business, Mark transitioned into the field of executive education.

I first met Mark more than a decade ago at a conference focused on encore careers. We’ve stayed in touch ever since, collaborating on projects like educational seminars and comparing notes on trends in the field.

One of Mark’s big interests is the role of creativity in life and career reinventions. His first book, Boundless Potential, was published in the wake of the Great Recession. It explored the role of neuroscience and creativity in life reinvention.

His latest is titled Crucial Creativity: Never Let a Crisis Crash Your Business or Career. It explores the role of creativity in seeing your way through chaos in your career, and moving through it to new successes. The really valuable thing about this book is that it takes a very close look at the creative process, and how creativity can be tapped — even by people who don’t consider themselves especially creative.

I was so impressed that I agreed to write the forward to the book. So, a podcast interview seemed like a logical follow-up now that the book has been published.

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