Extreme retirement abroad: How one footloose couple sees the world


Lynne and Tim Martin. Photo: Reto Klar.

For Americans looking to retire abroad, deciding where to live can be a challenge. But Lynne and Tim Martin took that question off the table by deciding to retire everywhere and anywhere.

In 2011 the couple opted for what might be called extreme retirement abroad: They sold their Paso Robles, California, home, jettisoned all but a few treasured possessions – which they put into a storage locker – and became nomads.

Since then, they have lived in short-term rental apartments and houses around the world, usually found through HomeAway.com, the online vacation rental service. They spend two or three months a year in the United States, where they also live in vacation rentals.

Lynne, 73, is a former publicist; Tim, 68, owned a small electronics business and writes novels. This year they published a book about their experiences called “Home Sweet Anywhere: How We Sold Our House, Created a New Life, and Saw the World” (Sourcebooks, April 2014).

My Reuters Money column this week looks at how this works out for the Martins financially – and how it affects their relationships with friends, family and grandchildren.