The Hard Times Guide – video interviews


With Christine Benz, director of personal finance editor at, I discussed how working longer can pay off for retirees. You can also view segments on how to manage health care expenses in retirement and post-bubble real estate.

Grinnell College

I had the pleasure of offering a seminar on The Hard Times Guide at my Grinnell College reunion (Class of 1976) in the summer of 2010. Grinnell has provided videotape of the session, which featured a lively Q&A with former classmates, including Bill Ferguson, now an economist at Grinnell. Bill and I got into a lively discussion on how to protect Social Security for future generations.

Also attending was one of my favorite people in the world, retired Grinnell historian and mentor Don Smith; I even had the opportunity to toss a pop quiz question his way.

Although the video is a bit dark, sound quality is good and the Powerpoint slides are legible!


National Seminars

This is a free 30-minute webinar on planning for retirement in the new economy for National Seminars, the online training company. The webinar featured key findings from The Hard Times Guide to Retirement Security, and my ongoing work as a columnist for Reuters, Morningstar and

I recently spoke with Lori McAlister of National Seminar about my work and The Hard Times Guide.

WGN Radio

I stayed up late to talk about The Hard Times Guide with Steve King and Johnnie Putman, a married duo who host a great overnight program on WGN Radio in Chicago. The interview ranged across a wide array of topics, including what young people need to do to plan for retirement, the importance of working longer, 50+ career strategies and the future of Social Security. Click here to listen to a podcast of the interview.