If you’re wondering whatever happened to my podcast – wonder no more.

I put the program on hold last spring while I worked on the manuscript for my new book about retirement, which will be published in January 2022. I finished up the book just before Thanksgiving, – and this week the program is back. You can expect new episodes every so often this year.

Let’s kick it off with a conversation about career reinvention and retirement. My guest is Beverly Jones, author of the new book, Find Your Happy at Work: 50 Ways to Get Unstuck, Move Past Boredom and Discover Fulfillment.

Bev is an author, speaker, podcaster and career coach. She’s a master of career reinvention herself – she started out working in television in radio, and went on to earn and MBA and a law degree. You can catch her program, Jazzed About Work, wherever you get your podcasts.

Click here to listen to my conversation with Beverly Jones.