Buying Tips for Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-term care

The cost of health care is a key wild card in any retirement plan. Out-of-pocket spending can vary widely, depending on longevity, health status, and income–even where you live makes a difference. But most estimates on retirement health-care costs don’t factor in an even bigger challenge: paying for long-term care. Experts estimate that 70% of […]

Are hybrid life insurance policies a good bet for long-term care coverage?

“What if I never need long-term care?” That’s one of the biggest buyer objections to purchasing long-term care insurance, or LTCI. It’s an understandable concern because LTCI is costly. Policy premiums can easily top $4,000 annually; it’s important to stick with these policies once they are purchased. Yet insurers have been pushing through double-digit rate hikes […]

Want to age at home? Technology to the rescue

Laurie Orlov

Getting old? There’s an app for that. And a smartphone interface. And a tablet device that lets family members monitor your medication schedule, send text messages and share photos. A major new wave of technological innovation is aimed at helping people stay in their homes as they grow older and require care. These “age in place” […]

Long-term care clock ticking for Congressional commission

Eighty-four days and counting. That’s the time remaining that a new Congressional commission has to come up with solutions for one of the country’s most vexing problems: how to properly fund long-term care. The Commission on Long-Term Care is an offspring of the January deal that averted the so-called fiscal cliff mix of tax hikes […]