Phased retirement: A disconnect between workers and employers


There’s no better way to improve the odds of achieving a secure retirement than working longer. Research shows that a majority of Americans hope to implement that strategy – many through a “phased retirement” involving continued work with reduced hours. Just one problem: many employers aren’t on board. Two-thirds of baby boomer workers envision a phased […]

The 50-Plus Job Market: 5 Trends to Watch


Working longer is a mantra these days for many Americans hoping to build greater retirement security. Staying on the job even a few years beyond traditional retirement age makes it easier to delay filing for Social Security; it also can mean more years contributing to retirement accounts and fewer years of depending on nest eggs […]

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Economist points to 15 fastest-growth career opportunities for 50+ workers

Barry Bluestone

If you train for it, the jobs will come. That’s the upshot of a new economic study that attempts to answer one of the toughest questions facing mid-life Americans: Will training for a new career pay off in the form of new career opportunities in a recession-wracked economy? It’s a critical question for workers in […]

Tips for finding a job after age 50: Here’s the wisdom of the crowd


Finding a job is challenging for anyone in tough economic times but it’s harder if you’re over age 50. It’s illegal for employers to discriminate based on age, but any older job-seeker will tell you it happens every day. That reality is colliding with the intent of baby boomers, most of whom hope—and need—to keep […]

Employment resources for older workers

There’s no shortage of services that help 50+ and retired workers seek out employment. This week’s column focuses on YourEncore, a specialized company that recruits scientists and engineers for consulting projects. But 50+ job services vary from very specialized services like YourEncore to general job boards such as Seniors4Hire. Here’s a partial list of 50+ […]