Purpose Prize winner finds encore career helping disabled vets with housing

Vicki Thomas was at an age where many people look forward to retirement. She had enjoyed a successful career in public relations and marketing, including stints at a financial services trade group, a major television network, and running her own Connecticut-based marketing company. But Thomas flipped on the television one day in 2009 and saw […]

Nuts and bolts of starting an encore career

Marci Alboher offers practical strategies for launching an encore career in The Encore Career Handbook (Workman Publishing). Tough economic times and intractable unemployment have made career reinvention a necessity instead of a virtue for many older Americans. But sometimes finding a new career after middle age is about more than just bringing in a paycheck. […]

Five questions for Marc Freedman about encore careers

Last week I attended the annual Encore 2013 conference, which always is a highlight on my calendar. It’s a great opportunity to hear from top thought leaders on the challenge of re-inventing careers at midlife, including the presentation of the Purpose Prize awards. Marc Freedman, CEO of Encore.org, always is too busy to talk at […]

Economist points to 15 fastest-growth career opportunities for 50+ workers

If you train for it, the jobs will come. That’s the upshot of a new economic study that attempts to answer one of the toughest questions facing mid-life Americans: Will training for a new career pay off in the form of new career opportunities in a recession-wracked economy? It’s a critical question for workers in […]