Five questions for John Wasik on Keynes, investing and retirement


John Maynard Keynes was one of the most influential economists of the 20th Century; his name is associated widely with the economic theory that governments should step up spending during recession to pull countries out of slumps. But here’s a little-known fact about Keynes: he was one of the most successful investors of his time. […]

Five questions for Bart Astor on retirement roadmaps


Bart Astor is a recognized expert in life’s transitions and eldercare. His new book, AARP Roadmap for the Rest of Your Life: Smart Choices about Money, Health, Work, Lifestyle, and Pursuing Your Dreams, was released in May. He recently agreed to answer a few questions about the key themes of the book for’s readers. […]

Five questions for Dick Stroud on aging market entrepreneurship

Dick Stroud

The baby boomer age wave often is characterized as a demographic and societal challenge, but it’s also a huge entrepreneurial business opportunity. The aging of the population is creating market demand for new products and services at an unprecedented pace. I spoke recently about age wave opportunities with Dick Stroud, co-author with Kim Walker of […]

Five questions for Marc Freedman about encore careers

Marc Freedman

Last week I attended the annual Encore 2013 conference, which always is a highlight on my calendar. It’s a great opportunity to hear from top thought leaders on the challenge of re-inventing careers at midlife, including the presentation of the Purpose Prize awards. Marc Freedman, CEO of, always is too busy to talk at […]

Five questions for Steve Vernon on generating retirement income

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Who better to answer the question than an actuary, and one who is passionate about educating us all on retirement security? That’s Steve Vernon. An actuary by background, he’s a full-time retirement educator, blogger and author, and one of the sharpest experts I know on retirement planning. Steve’s  recent book, Money for Life: Turn Your […]