FAQ: Social Security spousal benefits

Guide to Social Security Spousal and Survivor Benefits_Page_01I get a huge number of questions from readers about Social Security’s spousal and survivor benefits. Rightly so, because these are incredibly important features of Social Security that can create powerful amplifying effects that boost lifetime benefits.

In this free report,”Your Guide to Social Security’s Spousal and Survivor Benefits,” I answer the most frequently-asked questions about spousal and survivor benefits. Please note: this guide has now been updated to reflect the phase-out of Social Security’s file-and-suspend and restricted-claim rules.

Topics covered in the guide include:

  • When can I start receiving a spousal benefit?
  • Can I file for spousal benefits if my spouse (the higher earner) isn’t yet at the full retirement age? If so, how much will my spousal benefits be reduced?
  • Can I file for spousal benefits if my spouse isn’t receiving Social Security?
  • Can my wife start collecting based on my account at age 62 and then switch to her own account at age 66?
  • If my wife (age 62) elects early retirement and collects Social Security on her own account, will her spousal benefit be reduced when I (currently age 64) retire at 66 and begin collecting benefits then?
  • Can my wife receive spousal benefits once I reach full retirement age even though she will continue to work?
  • What is the survivor benefit?
  • At what age should I apply?
  • Can I file for spousal or survivor benefits from a divorced spouse?
  • Can members of a same-sex couple receive spousal or survivor benefits?
  • How file-and-suspend works

You’ll also find links to video explaining the ins and outs of benefit rules and links to other online resources.

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