How a side gig can boost retirement security


Kim Palmer has a full-time job, but decided to start something on the side in 2009. “It was the height of the recession, and I was terrified that I’d get laid off – it seemed like it was happening all around me. I felt financial pressure to have a back-up plan.” A personal finance editor […]

An 80-year-old Peace Corps volunteer? No sweat

Vivian Davis

Vivian Davis walks five or six miles every day in her work as a an AIDS/HIV outreach worker for the Peace Corps in rural South Africa. “I just get around town visiting with people, or go to the Internet cafe,” she says. “It keeps me healthy.” Her routine isn’t out of the ordinary for a […]

Purpose Prize winner finds encore career helping disabled vets with housing


Vicki Thomas was at an age where many people look forward to retirement. She had enjoyed a successful career in public relations and marketing, including stints at a financial services trade group, a major television network, and running her own Connecticut-based marketing company. But Thomas flipped on the television one day in 2009 and saw […]

Nuts and bolts of starting an encore career

Marci Alboher

Marci Alboher offers practical strategies for launching an encore career in The Encore Career Handbook (Workman Publishing). Tough economic times and intractable unemployment have made career reinvention a necessity instead of a virtue for many older Americans. But sometimes finding a new career after middle age is about more than just bringing in a paycheck. […]

Healthcare reform to end ‘job lock’ for the over-50 crowd

When Carmen Oberai was diagnosed with breast cancer several years ago, she knew the treatment would make it tough for her to stay at her job. But she needed the health insurance provided by her employer, so she worked through the illness. Oberai, 62, works with at-risk pregnant women for a nonprofit agency in Port […]

Best place to work after age 50? Healthcare, says AARP

Phil Lenowitz works in Bethesda, Maryland, but a year ago he moved to Asheville, North Carolina. At age 63, Lenowitz spends three weeks each month in Bethesda, where he is deputy director of human resources at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and one week in Asheville with his wife Peggy, 62. Lenowitz is on […]

How to fight age discrimination in your workplace

Older Americans are being urged to repair their retirements by working longer. But it’s difficult to do in a tough economy, and one cause is illegal age discrimination by employers. The number of age discrimination complaints filed annually with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, or EEOC, surged during the recession of 2008, and in […]

Employer worry about worker retirement readiness is growing

The market crash of 2008 was a wake-up call for many 401(k) account-holders. At Aetna Inc., it raised awareness that some of its own employees might lack the financial preparation necessary for retirement. “The crash put a magnifying glass on 401(k)s and account balances,” says Carol Klusek, head of retirement and financial benefits at the […]

Boomers aren’t working forever, after all

Baby boomers have been talking a good game for years about working longer and reinventing the last third of life. Now that it’s game time, their retirement decisions look somewhat conventional. More than half the oldest boomers – those born in 1946 – had fully retired by the end of the year in which they […]

Five questions for Dick Stroud on aging market entrepreneurship

Dick Stroud

The baby boomer age wave often is characterized as a demographic and societal challenge, but it’s also a huge entrepreneurial business opportunity. The aging of the population is creating market demand for new products and services at an unprecedented pace. I spoke recently about age wave opportunities with Dick Stroud, co-author with Kim Walker of […]